ROIPAL is your one-stop shop for building and managing your freelance teams when and where you need them. Create missions according to your company’s specific requirements and choose from a list of candidates with the skills you need and where you need them. We take care of everything from the point of contact to the payment of the service, so you can focus on running your business.

We can help connect your ideas with talent…

  • Save time and money. Find the best talents for your company. – Expand your business anywhere.
  • Build your team at the pace that suits you.
  • A cost-effective and flexible way to increase your competitiveness and grow your business.
  • Promote your brand, ideas and products in new markets.
  • Follow the performance of your freelance team in real time.
  • Simplified payment. We take care of the contact, follow-up and payment of the service.


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Is the app free to download?


What version of iOS is required?

Make sure the latest version of iOS is installed.

Which version of Android is required?

4.1 Kelly Bean.

How long does it take to register?

30 minutes.

What is the Sales Process Assistant?

The Sales Process Assistant is a guide for companies to choose which of the 12 types of sales best suit their needs. Each type of sale is broken down into stages, which can be monitored during the mission.

How much do I have to pay ROIPAL to connect with a candidate?

ROIPAL charges 10% of the mission’s fee to connect with candidates.

Can I get in direct contact with the executives?

Yes, after starting the mission, through ROIPAL’s chat function.

How can I monitor the mission?

Through the Sales Process Assistant.

Can I create more than one profile?

Yes, corresponding to different companies or services within the same company.

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